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The British Business Bank


The UK's only independent guide to business finance

Our main goal was to create content for the British Business Bank's Business Finance Guide based on real life business stories that normal businesses and their advisers can relate to.  BH&P works closely with the British Business Bank's marketing team to improve the ROI on marketing spend consistently month on month, with at least 6 experiments running concurrently to ensure we stay ahead of the competition.

With limited marketing budget, it's vital that both video and written content we create has maximum impact and shareability.

This is not about "unicorns" and other high growth businesses, but about empowering every business to grow, with access to advice and support for every stage of their business journey.

Why BH&P:
We have a deep understanding of the financial challenges businesses face at every stage of their journey.

We report performance monthly using custom dashboards. With inbound search, display and social media advertising all exceeding industry benchmarks, and typical email open rates of 25-35%, we are confident that the Business Finance Guide is on target to achieve the KPIs set for the current financial year.

Brand and strategy Inbound marketing

The British Business Bank

Working in partnership with the British Business Bank and ICAEW, we created the digital Business Finance Guide, which has now been used by more than a million UK businesses.

BH&P is an approved digital agency for the British Business Bank, working closely with more than 20 stakeholders including Innovate UK and UK Finance, to create compelling content and to run ongoing inbound marketing campaigns for the guide.

  • Skills

    Brand development, website development, inbound marketing, SEO, heatmapping, content creation, PPC, social media, email

  • Client

    The British Business Bank

  • Partners:

    ICAEW, Innovate UK, Uk Finance, immerse UK, Responsible Finance

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