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Innova Press


Innova Press

Innova Press appointed BH&P as their lead design and marketing agency in 2017, when Innova Press was incorporated - a brand new business, funded by three of China's most well-known publishing houses, with a focus on bringing the teaching of English as a Foreign Language (ELT).


Design a contemporary brand identity and website to appeal to users and teachers in China and globally, create a set of templates for readers for young learners, as well as for practice tests designed for adult learners.


When working with international partners, it's important to have a high performing website that works for users globally and in China, and integrates with WeChat for Chinese users.

Why BH&P:

With a wealth of project management, and both digital and traditional marketing experience, we are able to advise on all marketing and packaging activity, especially for events, distributors and exhibitions, in multiple language variants to support these new publications.


A strong brand identity and visual style for all publications has allowed BH&P to develop web and printed assets for Innova to support both young and adult learners of English as a foreign language (ELT). Executions include the website, exhibition materials and the design of all publication covers.

Brand and strategy Print and OOH

Innova Press