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Woodsford TradeBridge

A vital tool for any CFO's toolbox

Woodsford TradeBridge offers supply chain finance - an alternative form of finance that increases businesses working capital flexibility and can sit gently alongside their existing banking facilities. BH&P have been working with Woodsford TradeBridge since September 2018 to help them scale their business with a systematic approach to marketing.

To acquire and nurture new suspects and convert them into qualified sales leads through inbound marketing.

Supply chain finance is an alternative form of finance that can increase business liquidity and support business growth.

Why BH&P:
With expertise in lead nurturing and the inbound methodology, we are able to nurture the hard to reach audience Woodsford TradeBridge are targeting.


Update the website to support the inbound methodology, create original content to suit suspects at various stages of the nurturing process and implement a digital marketing strategy to drive relevant traffic.

BH&P have unbridled enthusiasm, insist on always executing campaigns brilliantly, and generally make our business look good with outstanding creative and relevant content.

— Mark Coxhead, CEO, Woodsford TradeBridge

Inbound marketing

Woodsford TradeBridge