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Welcome to the home of venture marketing

BH&P are creative venture marketeers.

We work with organisations that have purpose – a vision, a sense of why.

Like venture capitalists, or angel investors, we understand that the world is a complicated place, full of uncertainty.  You have to invest in many things before you land on the one that works.

A three part model

Venture marketing works on the basis of three core principles:

PART ONE\ Test, fail, learn methodology

We literally set you (and all our clients) up to fail.

We understand that buyers come to every decision with biases and baggage – and until we get under their skin, understand how they tick, we won’t be able to move the dial in terms of performance.

Cool tech is at our fingertips to help us do this.

We use all the digital tricks and tools in our armoury to measure and refine what we do.

The irony? Those who set out to fail, rarely do.

PART TWO\ Creative and content are king

Not scraped, plagiarised content designed to move you up the Google rankings.

Original thinking, journalistic research, big ideas.

PART THREE\ Skin in the game

Our venture marketing escalator works on a simple principle.

When our clients are “all in”, then so are we.

We’ll forfeit 50% or more of our agency fees, in return for a share of incremental revenue.

We’ve built an escalator to ensure we’re incentivised to help you succeed.

Are you ready for a venture?

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