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2020 was one hell of a year

2021 will be a year that favours the bold, the tough. Those for whom failure is not an option.

That’s why BH&P invented our creative venture marketing model.

Like venture capitalists, we know that not everything we do will work.

So we literally set you up to fail.

Knowing that when you expect to fail, when you’re constantly, testing, refining, watching the detail like a hawk, you rarely do.

Post truth marketing

The world changed. And it will keep changing, gathering pace.

Marketing needs to change too. In this post-truth era, 96% of people don’t want to speak to a salesperson.

Jeff Bezos is the world’s wealthiest man.

Global pandemics, trade wars and technological advances are always just around the corner.

And third-party cookies are about to die.

A post-truth era needs a new type of marketing agency.

No vanity metrics. No Instaglow.

Venture marketing

We measure our success based on yours. We’ll forfeit 50% or more of our agency fees in return for skin in the game.

We invented a venture marketing model that quite literally de-risks marketing for clients, and frees us up to help you grow.

New call-to-action

“BH&P's contribution to Epicor campaign development was immediately recognised by the entire global marketing organisation who continue to hold Becky and her team in high esteem.

— Martin Hill, VP Marketing – EMEA, Epicor

“Thank you. You will get your reward in heaven (Reading).

— Terry Phillips, Business Development Director, Innova Press

“As market leaders in brand recruitment, we can be a challenging company to work with, with multiple stakeholders, a wide range of target audiences, and the constant need to balance client and candidate activity. BH&P worked hard to build a strong working relationship with all the team here at Handle.

— Gill Bell, Director, Handle Recruitment

BH&P have unbridled enthusiasm, insist on always executing campaigns brilliantly, and generally make our business look good with outstanding creative and relevant content.

— Mark Coxhead, CEO, Woodsford TradeBridge

Are you ready for a venture?

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